Why are you in despair oh my soul?  Why are you in turmoil within me?  Hope in God for I shall again praise Him, my Deliverer and my God.  Psalm 43:5


Abundant life consists of knowing who we are and where we are headed. Wounds from life may interrupt this process of self discovery and calling

That is where Christian counseling can make a difference.


About AthensSoulCare


In the Bible, "soul" is the most common translation of the New Testmanet Greek word "psyche" and the Old Testament Hebrew word "nephesh."  Both of these words can be used to refer to the totality of a person:  physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Therefore, "caring for souls" means caring for people in the totality of "who" they are.  Christian counseling at AthensSoulCare in Athens, Georgia is primarily focused on healing the inner person, as healing naturally flows from the inside out.

AthensSoulCare was founded by Cindy Gaultney.  Cindy's desire is to see her clients restored to personal wholeness and empowered to live abundant life.